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  • You are a genius! And your cd is a work of art as well as a wonderful compendium of information. Congratulations on having done such a fine job! It is well-worth the price. Are you a botanist? It is "so scientific" (wonderfully so).   - Meryl W. , UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

  • I have tried this Orchid CD ROM program and it is Excellent. The photos and information is for both the beginners and the experts. Don't miss the chance to own this CD!   - The Orchid Lady   (Linda Fortner), Sandy, UT, USA

  • Thank you very much for the wonderful CD. It was a gift for my son in Buffalo. Currently I'm down in North Carolina so I haven't seen it, but he said it is fantastic. Thank you again.   -Gilbert W. in Newtown, PA, USA

  • Hello Gus, I received my Orchid CD yesterday. I installed it today and I love it. You did good. I have sat here half the day looking at it. There is only one thing, you look at all the pretty orchids and you don't know where to find them. Were the pictures from your greenhouse? There are beautiful. Thanks   -Gwen Lee in Texas, USA

  • WoW! That was super fast! I have installed the update & it works perfectly! Many thanks to you for adjusting the program...it is perfect for me now. Can't tell you how much easier this makes my morning watering routine! You're the best...thanks again!,   - Thane S. , Weybridge, VT, USA

  • Thank you, I just received the disk. I will let the orchid societies I belong to know of your great service.   - Dick McR.,   Eugene, OR, USA

  • Thanks for your very prompt reply on the Orchid Databases program. I only have 39 plants to enter (started collecting in Sept. of last year). I have added the corresponding photos to the Orchid Database as well, cool program! I am using the Orchid Database history pages already as I had kept track of blooming, repotting, etc., on an Excel spreadsheet since I started collecting. The feature of the Orchid Database I will use the most is the watering worksheet, as I was using an Excel spreadsheet for that as well, but your worksheet is so easy (and cool!) Thanks again!,   - Thane S. , Weybridge, VT, USA

  • I am very satisfied with the Orchid DataBase that I bought from you in February 2002. Please, I want to know more about extending the use of the photo files after I have added the photo information in the input screen, Regards,   - Anna L. F. , Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Click here to see what BellaOnLine's Orchid Host Karen Stewart has to say about M÷hltiMedia's Orchid CD ROM in her BellaOnLine Product Review Article !   - Karen Stewart, BellaOnLine Orchid Host

  • Hi, As requested I am mailing you to confirm the receipt of the afore mentioned order. The program is excellent and exactly what I was searching for. Thankyou for your courteous and prompt attention. Best regards,   - Colin Joseph G. of Lincoln, Lincs. England. LN6 8RZ

  • The Orchid part is excellent! Yes, and I also have the Orchid Databases part under control. It is exactly what I wanted. I will place your web page address on the orchid club newsletter!!! Thanks again, Regards   - Michael. K., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

  • Dear Mr. M÷hlmann, We received the Orchid Combi CD on Saturday, August 24th, 2002. My husband and I have been enjoying ever since. Thank you for such quick service!   - Marilyn J., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, USA

  • My sincerest thanks for this fantastic multimedia application. I think, that very many orchid-addicts do love it. Have a good Holiday time!   - Antti J. H. , Espoo, Finland

  • Dear Sir: the CD Rom arrived bright and early this morning Friday Aug 23/02. I have quickly looked through it and am looking forward to cataloging our Orchid collection . Thank you for sending it so promptly and Greetings from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, Regards   - Marilyn L. , Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Hello, the Orchid CD ROM is incredible... One question, M÷hltiMedia as holder of the copyright, I notice M÷hltiMedia does not allow me to publish any of the pictures, correct? The CD is incredible!   - Camille R. III , Chicago, IL, USA

  • I have received the Orchid CD, and I am very impressed with your efficient handling of this order. The CD was a Christmas gift, and I was delighted to receive it so promptly. It was a pleasure doing business with you.   - William H. N. , Darien, IL, USA

  • We received the orchid CD as promised on the 26th of Dec. Thank you for your promptness.   - Joyce W. , Fort Meyers, FA, USA

  • Have been exploring development of a program to catalog my orchid collection with narratives and photos on CD ROM. Then read the discussion on the Orchid Guide Digest site and thought your product is just what I am looking for. Am anxiously looking forward using it.
    Your website is almost most impressive, especially the swirling, twirling script controlled by the mouse on your home page...most innovative and unique.   - Fritzi C. , San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

  • Translated from "Orchids" (April, 2002), the bimonthly magazine of the Dutch Orchid Society
    ........ There is a lot to see and explore on this Orchid CD ROM. More than 7,000 full screen, orchid color photos, selectable by name. Or, photos together with detailed information about each orchid. Also, the CD ROM can be viewed as a photo slide show, with orchid names with each photo. Further, and this is especially interesting for beginners, 20 interactive chapters about the following orchid aspects: naming; caring; feeding; fertilizing; potting materials; repotting; watering; water quality; temperature; heating; climate; air motion; humidity; light; lighting; nursing environment; greenhouses; flower structure; pollination; crossing; illnesses; pesticides; fungicides; tools; etc. .......... In addition, an orchid classification system. ............... Extra and free on the same CD ROM, an Orchid Database program to catalog your orchid collection in an extensive fashion. You can store data from more than 100,000 different orchid plants, including more than 71 properties (among which an orchid photo) per plant, and m˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙˙ch more. This Orchid Database program would also provide the professional orchid growers with a lot of orchid data storage facilities. ............ We (from the "Orchids" magazine) would say: every Dutch Orchid Society member should take the possibility to get this Orchid CD ROM.   - Redaction of the "Orchids" magazine; the official bimonthly magazine of the Dutch Orchid Society

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